Church Planting Update: Commissioning, Vision and First Steps

August 1, 2017 (by Nathan Brewer)


Sunday June 4th was emotional and significant, as it was officially the last service for Insa and me being part of CIG (Christian International Fellowship), and being sent out as church planters. Insa and I were able to speak about our spiritual journey since landing in CIG. We are so thankful for our time there. In light of the CIG Motto “Come – Grow – Go,” we shared how we were welcomed and embraced, how we have personally grown and flourished in our faith, and served in various ministries for nearly ten years. And of course, I also touched on where we feel the Lord leading us, describing the style and focus a bit of the house church plant. It was a special moment to be prayed over and commissioned for a new work by the pastors and leadership. For the calling I have sensed growing over the past years, it is now time for us to take the next step of faith!

Vision: A Spiritual Family & Equipping Center

Spiritual family and equipping center: these are the prevailing metaphors I see that encapsulate the vision most accurately. They are also clearly seen in the New Testament early church. In Austria it’s common to have an aversion to church, so we want to try something different to reach those people. By meeting in the setting of an apartment home and focusing on the personal relationships, we desire this style of “house church” to build a spiritual family around Jesus and his Gospel. The Gospel by it’s nature is also outward focused, so we envision it also being a training center where people are equipped to live their everyday on mission. A few more vision points:

  • For Jesus to be the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, both in our individual lives and our gatherings.
  • For Multiplication: the King desires his Kingdom to grow, so multiplication is key. Additionally, we desire to keep things simple so that they can multiply easier.
  • For obedience to Jesus’ three main commands: Love the Lord, Love your Neighbor, Make Disciples (Matthew 22:37; 22:39; 28:18-20)
  • For cultivating a grace-based, authentic atmosphere where broken people are welcome
  • For being grounded in the Word of God
  • For being filled with the Spirit of God, including the exercise of spiritual gifts in a Biblical way for the building up of the body
  • For open ministry time that is interactive, allowing every member to function so that the of priesthood of all believers is a reality
  • For equipping through Jesus’ fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4:11-13 for displaying the fullness of Christ

This style of more organic church is on the hearts of the whole Kyrios Ministries team, and they’ll be supporting in prayer and various capacities as things unfold.

First Steps

We have been meeting regularly with another couple, William & Carolin, for several months now and building a strong relationship to lay the foundation of being a spiritual family. Kyrios teammate Anda Pop has joined frequently and as of fall Nadine Rabinger will as well. The first steps together have been rich, whether spending time in fellowship and prayer, discussing strategy and vision, reading the Word together, having open time of ministry, using finances to bless others, or holding a vision night for others to consider joining.

We would all appreciate lifting up this pioneer work in prayer! As we humbly take steps of faith, we know it’s only the grace of Jesus that builds his church. As a Kyrios Ministries Team, we are believing for a network of house churches in 3-5 years beginning to blossom in Austria.