SBUX Turns 10

October 7th, 2017 (by Nathan Brewer)//A warm atmosphere of smiles and the smell of food welcomed everyone to a Saturday evening celebration of 10 years of SBUXfellowship ministry. People traveled from Linz, Graz and Salzburg as well as all over Vienna to celebrate what the Lord has done over the years and the relationships he has created.

Interactive Stations
Guests were entertained after dinner and a powerful time time of worship with interactive stations. We desired these stations to represent aspects of the ministry and reflect God’s creativity. Can you guess how many chapters of the Bible were taught through over 10 years of weekly SBUXfellowships? (534!) Can you stick a pin on the map of the city where we have vision for SBUX fellowships, wearing a blindfold? Can you win a Memory game duel by matching the 11 churches that were involved over the years? Can you answer the questions correctly after watching video testimonies of former SBUX leaders? Winners received prizes donated from the company Starbucks!

Team Effort
Kyrios Team Members Danny shared the story of how fellowship began at SBUX back in the fall of 2007, Anda prepared two stations, Insa ran the tech and one station, Laura used her skills to capture the evening with photos and video, her husband Sebastian played guitar in worship. And I (Nathan) spoke from John 17 on inspiration from ten years of SBUX, and how the groups have even spread to places like Zürich, Dresden (GER), and Maui. Additionally, Glen shared his story of how the SBUXfellowship literally changed his life and he is now an avid follower of Jesus! Just one of many many testimonies over the years.

Hitting the Mark
If our goals for the event were to CELEBRATE God for his faithfulness and what he has done, connect PEOPLE in a rich time of fellowship and reunion, and create MOMENTUM for the future, then I think we hit the mark. Of course we know it was the Spirit working that made it supernaturally good. A couple from Linz who had never been to an came wrote after “it’s evident that the Spirit of God is working in the SBUX ministry.”

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10 years of weekly teaching God’s Word
10 years of discipleship
10 years of building community
10 years of reaching out evangelistically
10 years of equipping new leaders

Celebrating 10 years of weekly Starbucks fellowships across the city, spreading the love of Jesus. Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city!