Three God-Sized Dreams from Team Summit 2017

July 7-8th, 2017 (by Sebastian Massinger) // “I have a new appreciation of vision, and that God is a visionary God,” Laura shared at the end of the weekend. Eight of the Kyrios Team members traveled in to spend the weekend together in Sebastian and Laura’s house, much of that eating and fellowshipping and brainstorming and praying outside on their beautiful porch and garden. It was a rich time. More than ever, we each had a sense of the unity of the calling we have received as a team, and sensed a momentum building. Rebecca expressed, “This weekend was a milestone to move into the next phase of Kyrios working together more. We are moving into a new season and I’m very encouraged.”

We spent time exploring “God Dreams” – what it means that our God is a visionary God – and how that inspires our vision. In 2017-18, we are pursuing these three God Dreams:

  • Fivefold Ministry Workshops ( for more info)
  • HouseChurch Vienna
  • Discipleship Training Center for Refugees & Internationals in Salzburg area

We spent time having fun at the local swimming pool & park too.

At the end we each shared what we each took away from the weekend:

Sebi: “It was eye opening for me to hear the big visions each of you wrote down and the God dreams…”

Insa: “Fresh wind in my sails. The whole weekend was very refreshing…”

Danny: “John 4 Jesus says I’ve completed the work (food) my Father has given (the fresh new salad – an impression someone had this weekend). I’m very encouraged to move forward.”

Nate: “to hear that (house) church planting is on all of our hearts in some way, shape, or form; also the rich fave-to-face fellowship”

Nadine: “Everything was great. The Fellowship, the Vision sharing, the fun times, the praying, spending time, laughing together – it reflected a part of “till we all come to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God” for me; such unity, such joy, such ‘guidedness’…those retreats i think are my favorite in growing us together as “friends with a purpose”. time to just be silly, time to be serious, time to pray, time to seek God’s kingdom and cast vision – I’m so thankful for this team and this little get-away!“

Anda: “What I’m taking away is humility with one another and in ministry, excited about the new opportunities. Always look to Jesus…”

Indeed, we need to look to Jesus to achieve these God-sized dreams.