Gallery & Past Events


In 2014, a team consisting of 8 young people from different countries served the people of Brazil for 3 weeks.

Some of the ministry possibilities were: sports outreaches in the form of soccer clinics for poor children; partnering with Word of Life Missions to serve children from poor schools in Atibaia; serving at ABBA Children’s Care Center in Sao Paulo by painting walls, gardening and playing soccer with children; and encouragement to the body of Christ in Londrina by helping with worship and preaching at the Calvary Chapel.

In January 2015, team member Anda Pop will move to Brazil to serve the people there, specifically at ABBA Children’s Care Center in Sao Paulo.


Ministry with NGO ‘F.R.E.E.’ works directly with victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution.

Ministry to the women in street prostitution involved prevention & praying for them, giving them presents, and raising awareness for F.R.E.E.

Additionally, dance workshops for at-risks kids, most of whose mothers are prostitutes.


“We have a bunch of people who wait for a sort of trigger to start blooming and spread the fragrance of Christ around.”

In November 2013, a team of 6 traveled to Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland, to spread the fragrance of Christ and to be catalysts of faith. Our team was also asked to share testimonies and help develop a plan for Starbucks Café ministry in Wroclaw.

Time was spent investing:

  • In MEN: leading the men’s run and men’s meeting;
  • In WOMEN: releasing healing through prayer and forgiveness;
  • In YOUTH: as Danny & Bartosz led fun games & worship & a message of determination to follow Christ in the midst of culture.

Nate spoke at the Polish church of 400 what it means to be missional in a big city, and afterwards offered a small groups workshop with Q & A to spark a passion for community. Michele & Insa also offered a seminar for women about Mending the Soul, a research backed Biblical course that brings awareness and healing to abuse victims.

Our Kyrios team brought new life as we came alongside the long-term workers Marianna, Jonathan, Pastor Scott to strengthen, encourage, and comfort them, and ultimately, spread the fragrance of Christ around!


A team of four girls, two from the US, one from Romania, and one from Germany, went down to Padova, Italy for a week in fall 2013.

Besides personally encouraging the Pastor’s couple who has been laboring there for 6 years with very little visible fruit, the girls helped till the ground by praying
through the city, worshipping and speaking about God in public places, and being available to spontaneous opportunities the Holy Spirit would open up.

This way, they got to meet the president of a ministry for abused or trafficked minors, who just ‘by chance’ was filming a video that same day to promote their cause.

They were in need of native speakers from the US, Romania, and Germany and it seemed like God took care of their need.


USA 2012-2013 & Present

The Birth of a Team & Ministry

At the close of 2012, a group of us from Vienna flew to the US to attend the International House of Prayer’s “OneThing: Jesus’’ conference and celebrate the
New Year 2013 there.

At the conference, a Luke 10:2* message was passionately preached for labourers to be sent into the harvest, and we as a group went forward to respond to the Lord’s call to minister to the nations.

Without fully realising it, the Kyrios Ministries team was born.

The Calling Confirmed

On the ensuing road-trip from the conference in Kansas City down to Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida, the Holy Spirit lined up divine connections and opportunities to minister together.

It wasn’t long before it became clear that the Lord was using us as a team to minister. Through opportunities of prayer, painting, cleaning, playing worship, teaching the Word of God and exercising other spiritual gifts, and living out the
Body of Christ, the Lord used us to bring new life to many individuals and groups. Team members Grant & Lisa Knight and Rebecca Horn continue to minister in the Unites States, primarily in Ohio.

*Luke 10:2 These were his instructions to them:
‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.’


The Kyrios team is dedicated to the work of preaching the Gospel and making disciples in Austria. God´s Word is being planted in hearts across the country through Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship. The Kyrios team has been dedicated to serve the people in Austria for many years in many different ways.

One unique way has been doing Bible studies at Starbucks coffee shops throughout the city. Nathan Brewer, Grant and Lisa Knight, and Danny Panton met one Wednesday evening at Starbucks fall 2007 to read the Word, pray, and encourage each other. Little did they know that this Bible study would grow
and multiply across the world and still be going strong to this day.

Many of the Kyrios team members are serving in their local churches in Austria. In fact, Austria has become a launching pad for the team and Vienna is the hub for the ministry. Kyrios Ministries firmly believes in the power of prayer and often, when team members are together, other people are invited to join them in all night prayer nights.

Kyrios Ministries believe that Austria is the country that God will use in a strategic way to bring life back to the continent of Europe through the power of the Gospel!