Who we are

Based out of Austria, Kyrios Ministries is an international team of passionate Jesus followers advancing the Kingdom of God by making disciples in an organic way, and equipping the church in the fivefold ministry of Jesus.

What characterizes Kyrios Ministries?

  1. Kyrios pursues holistic ministry: Discipleship in guiding people closer to Jesus by ministering to their spirit, soul, mind and body.
  2. Kyrios pursues a missional lifestyle, seeking to make a difference where we are in every day life.
  3. Kyrios seeks to activate the Body of Christ: when the body of Christ is activated, the riches of Christ can be seen. Together with you we do open and participatory ministry.
  4. Kyrios is organic in mind-set & style.
  5. Kyrios is international: our team is from five different countries, speaking seven different languages, and have been to over 50+ countries. Therefore, we can relate to a myriad of cultures, and have seen spiritual experience in a myriad of countries.
  6. Kyrios is an inter-denominational organization and we are members of different local churches. We value unity in diversity and value partnerships with local churches and other organizations.
  7. Kyrios seeks to express all five areas of Jesus’ ministry that He then gave to His Body. This is reflected in the way we do discipleship, helping individuals and churches grow in all areas.

See Core Truths for more info on our belief statement. More information on our beliefs about the fivefold ministry you can find here.