Who we are

Kyrios Ministries, Inc exists as a global, Christ-centered body for holistic discipleship, functioning as a spiritual family to advance the kingdom of God in an organic, missional style.


  • Who we are – a global, Christ-centered body
  • What we do – holistic discipleship
  • Why we do it – to demonstrate a spiritual family; to advance the kingdom of God
  • How we do it – in an organic, missional style.

The vision is based ultimately on 2 scriptures:

Mark 12:30 ‘Love The Lord (Greek: kyrios) with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength’ and Matthew 28:19 ‘Go out to nations to advance the Kingdom of God by making disciples of Jesus.’

Emphasis for us in ministry is always keeping the Greatest Commandment before the Great Commission.

Spiritual family refers to Gods eternal purpose: a family to love, with Jesus being the firstborn among many brethren.

The word ‘organic’ means ‘alive, coming from life.’ It’s a Biblical ministry style and mind-set that comes from life – the Spirit breathed life from Jesus Christ – as opposed to man made programs and structures. It sees the church as a body, a living organism, as opposed to an organization. It’s characterized as alive, simple, healthy, and reproducing (multiplication).

The term missional comes from the Great Commission – ‘go’ – going where people are and growing faith where life happens, as opposed an attractional events based style of ministry.