Kyrios Distinctives

What distinguishes Kyrios Ministries?

  1. Kyrios is holistic: Discipleship in guiding people closer to Jesus by ministering to their spirit, soul, mind and body.
  2. Kyrios is Missional (we go out to the people; ministering where life happens) vs. Attractional (people come to events).
  3. Kyrios expresses the Body of Christ: when the body of Christ is activated, the riches of Christ can be seen. Under the Headship of Christ & guidance of the Spirit, together with you we do open & participatory ministry as opposed to pastor to pew.
  4. Kyrios is organic in mind-set & style. The word ‘organic’ means ‘alive, coming from life.’ It’s a Biblical ministry style and mind-set that comes from life – the Spirit breathed life from Jesus Christ – as opposed to man made programs and structures. It sees the church as a body, a living organism, as opposed to an organization. It’s characterized as alive, simple, healthy, and reproducing (multiplication). A 21st century expression of the 1st century church.
  5. Kyrios is global: our team is from 5 different countries, speaking 7 different languages, and have been to over 50+ countries. Therefore, we can relate to a myriad of cultures, and have seen spiritual experience in a myriad of countries.
  6. Kyrios is non-denominational. Simply unified in Christ as one body. See Core Truths page for more info.