Our Story

  • 2007

    Our story begins in Vienna, Austria, in 2007 where an international group of young adults began meeting together for open Bible studies in Starbucks coffee shops, prayer nights in apartments, and serving in various local churches. There was a longing for the deeper things of Christ, a hunger to explore spiritual gifts and the Word of God, a passion for discipleship and disciple-making, and a pioneering spirit.

  • 2012

    Ten of us flew to the US in December of 2012 to take part in the International House of Prayer Conference in Kansas City, where we felt called to work together in a more formalized way as a team. We were prayed over and commissioned to do ministry to the nations.

  • 2013

    In January 2013, Kyrios Ministries was born as a ministry organization, and shortly thereafter, founded legally as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with its legal residence in Springfield, Illinois, USA. Though founded in the US, and primarily working in Austria, we have been and are operating in different countries around the world. Kyrios is overseen by a board of advisors who are in the US and Austria and meet online for a quarterly review and support of the ministry activities and members.

  • Post 2013

    Since 2013, ten of us in different constellations have taken mission trips to many countries around the world such as Brazil, Poland, Romania, Italy, USA as well as within Austria. These were formational trips for bonding us together on mission, and although we are not regularly going on foreign mission trips together anymore, some individual leaders are, and the heartbeat to live on mission locally wherever God has placed us is a key part of all of our DNA.

  • Until 2017

    Over the years, the team did ministry together in Vienna in various forms, whether serving at local churches, or pioneering ministries such as SBUXfellowship (missional Bible studies in coffee shops), or events such as Mission Mosaik, Awakening Europe, various weddings or fivefold ministry workshops. This helped us get to know one another deeper and learn to minister together.

  • Since 2017

    Since 2017, we have adapted as an organization as the Lord has called us to different cities in Austria or around the world, and clarified and sharpened our callings. Regular ministry together was not possible due to geographical distances, so we made the shift in our language and expectations of one another to become a collective of kingdom leaders, connected relationally, who share the same vision and DNA (Core Values) and who support one another in their respective callings.

To read about those Core Values, click here.