Our Values

Spirit-led (organic / fluid / adaptive) is an all-encompassing value, an overarching Kingdom concept - penetrating everything.

 ...because the Lord (kurios) is our head and we follow him where and how he leads it will always be changing, adapting.


The Message of the Kingdom was Jesus' main message. We understand the mindset of the Kingdom to be for partnering and ministering across churches and denominations, from conservative to charismatic. We desire the ministries we do to be reflections of the Kingdom in its creativity, healing, wholeness, reconciliation, freedom, and good news.

Relational Discipleship

Relational discipleship and disciple-making - that's what our hearts beat for, helping people know and love and follow Jesus. The Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission.

Pioneering Spirit

We feel called to pioneer new ideas, new ministries, new music and new sounds, new books and resources, and new churches. To be forerunners. To go places and break up the ground through intercession. To be “on the tip of the spear.”

Unity in Diversity

We are a unified team with diverse callings, diverse strategies, and diverse fivefold giftings. We accept and honor one another.


Kyrios pursues holistic ministry: Discipleship in guiding people closer to Jesus by ministering to their spirit, soul, mind and body.


Kyrios pursues a missional lifestyle, seeking to make a difference where we are in every day life.


Kyrios seeks to activate the Body of Christ: when the body of Christ is activated, the riches of Christ can be seen. Together with you we do open and participatory ministry.


Kyrios is organic in mind-set & style.


Kyrios is an inter-denominational organization and we are members of different local churches. We value unity in diversity and value partnerships with local churches and other organizations.


Kyrios seeks to express all five areas of Jesus’ ministry that He then gave to His Body. This is reflected in the way we do discipleship, helping individuals and churches grow in all areas.


Kyrios is international: our team is from five different countries, speaking seven different languages, and have been to over 50+ countries. Therefore, we can relate to a myriad of cultures, and have seen spiritual experience in a myriad of countries.