Nadine grew up in a Christian home and believed that Jesus is real from as early on as she can remember. However, she lived very withdrawn, wasn’t plugged into a local church and was caught in social anxieties. Having moved to Vienna to study Political Sciences, she lived a year of trying to overcome her fears by partying and seeking attention from men.

But the Lord hadn’t forgotten her and in His mercy what it says in Judges 10:16 about Israel became true for her – „the Lord couldn’t stand to see Israel suffer anymore“. Being at a very low point, the Lord delivered her out of her misery. He replaced her sinful cravings with a desire for God Himself, and redeemed her from her fears step by step. Nadine became part of CIG Vienna, a local church, was baptized and got involved in different ministries.

Wanting to go to Bible school and work in missions ever since, the Lord allowed that to happen after graduating with her Master’s degree in Political Sciences, writing her Thesis about women in prostitution. Since she graduated from school in 2014, she has been living on three different continents as a short term missionary, with short stops and transition jobs back in Austria.

In 2015 she spent 4 months in a discipleship school in El Salvador, called Patmos Reality Discipleship. Then she went to the UK for 4 month as a communications intern with OM (Operation Mobilisation) and came back to serve with Patmos in California. Next long term plan is to study social work extra occupational and find a job in the youth welfare sector.

By serving at different Christian youth camps within Austria, the Lord revealed His purpose for Nadine in working with the youth. She is also very passionate about Muslim ministry, and would love to be trained in that area. Nadine has an adventurous heart, loves foreign cultures and trying out new things. She loves running, playing volleyball, cooking, driving, writing and organizing events.

Life verse: Pro 19:23
Ministry verses: 1 Pe 4:8; Ti 2:11-14; Is 61

Areas of passion and gifting:

  • Missionary & adaptability
  • Prayer ministry
  • Hospitality
  • Youth ministry
  • Muslim ministry
  • Short term missions trips
  • Translation