Hi there! I am the Founder & Director of Kyrios Ministries. Born & raised in the midwest in Springfield, Illinois, I ventured out to San Diego, California for college at Point Loma Nazarene University, before moving to Vienna, Austria in 2007.

I am passionate about discipleship & mission, leading teams, being a catalyst to start new ministry, and creating an atmosphere where the body of Christ can come alive. My God-dream is to spark a discipleship movement that changes the whole country of Austria and beyond by organically making disciples, who make other disciples, multiplying into leaders, groups, and possibly even church plants.

I recently wrote a book that can be a resource for you or your ministry called The Pulse of Christ: A Fivefold Training Manual based on Ephesians 4:11-13. It’s available:

Find out more about the book and interactive fivefold workshops at my website

Soccer, exploring new countries & cultures, and photography make life even more fun. My favorite thing in the world: waterfalls. My favorite food: Mexican food & peanut butter (but not together 😉 )

I married my wife Insa in 2013 in Sopron, Hungary, and we live in Vienna, Austria.

Life Verse: John 10:10
Ministry Verse: 2 Timothy 2:2
Inspirational Verse: Philippians 4:13

Areas of passion & gifting:

  • fivefold ministry workshops
  • initiating and developing discipleship movements
  • missional coaching for church leaders
  • teaching the Word of God interactively
  • creating an atmosphere for the body of Christ to come alive
  • men’s purity & men’s activation
  • guiding churches into a more organic (healthy & missional) style of ministry

Contact me: EMAIL