Peter was the youngest of a large Tyrolean family and grew up at the foot of the Lech Valley. At the age of 16 he left the bourgeois-conservative environment and joined the spiritual branch of the hippie movement. He was “on the road” for seven years until, together with his hippie girl Maria, he found his master in Jesus.

Since the Word of God fascinated him from the beginning, they attended a Bible school in Austria as a young family. After returning, they were involved in a rural church ministry for several years. He made a career as an executive in the optical storage media industry until 2005, when he was called to lead the mission agency International Teams Austria (

He then studied “Intercultural Studies” and “Christian Leadership” while working and held lectures and seminars in Austria and abroad. For many years, together with his wife, he directed the social-diaconal center “InterTreff” in Reutte in Tyrol, where they cultivated contemplative and listening prayer as a team.

Due to family circumstances, he withdrew more and more from practical refugee work in recent years, even though he is still in friendly contact with individual refugees. Thus, he invests this free space as an IT trainer in an educational institute in people looking for jobs, which in turn includes people with a migration background.

As a “Christian Leader”, he is particularly concerned with the development of leaders in the areas of personality, spirituality and intercultural competence.
He feels most comfortable in a large crowd from all nations and tribes and peoples and languages, standing worshipfully before the throne of God.

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