René Podesser

René was born and raised in a small village in Carinthia, the southernmost region of Austria. With a father who was a musician, his heart started beating for music at a very young age and he learned a lot about the good as well as the bad sides of the music industry.

At the age of 16, his passion for music led him to a renowned music school in the countryside of Salzburg. At this time he came to faith in Jesus Christ, which radically changed his lifestyle that was characterized by excessive parties, unhealthy relationships and addictions.

As the only Christian in his school, René started a Bible study, where he could share his testimony and his faith with many of his colleagues. Many came to faith in this time, including a girl who became his wife, Sabrina. One year after the finals, they got married.

René’s heart beats for making God known to people in a natural way! Authenticity and the loving heart of the Father are his most important values. He is constantly asking who and how God really is, what His thoughts and plans are, and how He imagines the church, evangelism, discipleship and ministry as a whole.

Right after they got married, René and Sabrina moved to Salzburg to be part of a church plant. They led worship, started a ministry with young adults and were part of the leadership for more than seven years. Furthermore, René was teaching the Word on a regular basis and for years he was part of a prison ministry with people from different churches.

On top of that, René has been on road with different bands and music projects, playing in secular clubs, on festivals, in schools, churches, congresses, retreats, … all this with the goal of reaching people with music and to bless churches in German-speaking countries and beyond. Some of his songs have made it to the charts and the biggest radio and TV stations in the country. Others are often sung by different churches in Austria and Germany.

Areas of passion and gifting:

    • playing concerts with his band Solarjet
    • leading worship – latest song “So Kostbar” (Official Lyric Video) with wife Sabrina as band GNADE (Facebook page)
    • doing workshops
    • school tours
    • CD productions
    • preaching & teaching at conferences, retreats and in churches