An interactive workshop for your church based on Ephesians 4:7-16 that reveals more of Jesus. Through a groundwork of teaching, and then breaking out into small groups for learning by doing exercises, the time together will "make the body grow so that it builds itself up in love."

The 5:


God's Kingdom Mission revealed through Jesus and His Church


God the Father's Heart revealed through Jesus and His Church


God's Message revealed through Jesus and His Church


God's Fellowship revealed through Jesus and His Church


God's Word revealed through Jesus and His Church

Each of these five workshop areas can also be booked as an individual module. More information coming soon!

The workshop addresses these questions:

  • What are these five areas of Jesus ministry that he says he gave to the church?
  • How is Jesus represented in each of these?
  • Why are each of these important for the local and worldwide church?
  • How can people be activated and raised up in ministry through this?
  • Does everyone have potential in these areas?
  • How can I as an individual believer - and we as a body - grow in these areas?
  • What is the integration between the five areas that results in the fullness of Christ?

This workshop would be powerful and a blessing for your church because:

  • Believers will be conformed into the image of Christ not only who he is but what he does - imitating him in the five areas he ministered in
  • Believers will be activated in ministry
  • The pastor’s burden will be reduced
  • The church as a whole will move more towards representing Christ in his fullness
  • The church will be more effective, towards maximum impact
  • The church will become more balanced & healthy
  • According to the Bible, by pursuing these 5, believers will be built up & strengthened
  • According to the Bible, by pursuing these 5, believers will mature
  • According to the Bible, by pursuing these 5, it will move us towards unity
  • According to the Bible, by pursuing these 5, it results in stability in the body, conviction in faith, discernment of the body
  • Believers will discover spiritual gifts
  • Ultimately, the goal is always to see and sense and know Jesus more!
More on what we believe and do not believe about the fivefold ministry


The time is flexible according to your needs and how deep you want to go. On a weekend, though, you can obviously go more in depth and do more of the practical exercises e.g.:

Session 1: Friday evening 6-8:30pm with a short break

Session 2: Saturday 9-10:30am
Coffee break
Session 3: 11-12 noon
Lunch 12-1pm
Session 4: 1-2.30pm
Coffee break
Session 5: 3-4.30pm


Finances, often divisive, should not be the decisive factor. It’s important to communicate something so that they are a known thing but a non-thing at the same time; they are negotiable.

Variation 1: Participants register for the weekend workshop, e.g. 10€/Student and 20€/Adult registration. People seem to value things and take more ownership of things when there is a small cost involved.
Variation 2: A flat amount of 500€ for  the five-session, two-day workshop
Variation 3: A free-will offering is taken.
Variation 4: None of the above, your leadership determines.

Next Steps

We would look forward to serving your church, ministry, or small group.

For the fullness of Christ,
The Kyrios Team